Touring Car Racing

What is Touring Car Racing?

Touring car racing involves tricked-out road cars that race in different types of circuits from F1 style to Spring style races. There are several large, international championships where drivers from across the globe can showcase their talent and their unique cars. On a more national level, this type of race is popular in a handful of countries namely Britain, Germany and Argentina. The popularity and the draw for this type of race is more the cars themselves.

1024px-Gabriele_Tarquini_2014_WTCC_Race_of_Japan_(Race_1_outlap)The cars are not as fast as Formula 1 or as expensive as Sprint or Sport cars. Touring cars are typical tricked out ‘mom’ cars, or family vehicles that you or I would buy for personal use. You often wouldn’t recognize the car after the driver and team are finished making it race ready. The only real standard or rule is that the car must start from a real, standard body and from there, anything goes. All parts, pieces and elements can be modified to suit the driver’s creativity and racing needs. In order to maintain a fair race, often there are some financial restrictions to prevent the use of foreign, expensive additions.

How Does it Work?

The rules of the race differ heavily depending on the championship, race or country. One must do their research to understand the set of rules for each large race.

Touring Cars in the UK

This type of race is so popular in Britain that they have their own Championship (BTCC) that spans nine circuits across the country. This race has its own set of rules and an impressive following. Some of the main manufacturers that have a vested interested in this championship include Ford, Toyota and Audi.

The country has some claims to fame in terms of drivers in this race type as well, having produced names such as Andy Priaulx who won three years in a row which is next to unheard of.