Top British Drivers

Formula 1

Jackie Stewart was actually Scottish by origin. He is the ONLY racer to win the World Championship three times. In addition to this feat, he also won a total of 27 races over the span of his time as a driver. He drove for nine F1 seasons and placed in the top in six of these, making him not only one of the best UK drivers, but one of the best worldwide.

Motorcycle Racing

Famously known as the first winner of the Dakar Rally, Sam Sunderland ranks as one of the top British riders. He debuted his skills and caught everyone’s attention back in 2012, and this year won the Dakar Rally. He is fondly known to be loyal to Honda and it will be exciting to see what he does next.


640px-Dario_Franchitti_-_2011_Baltimore_Grand_PrixDario Franchitti is one of the World leaders of IndyCar and he is, you guessed it, British. He has won the IndyCar series four times now and actually started as an F1 and rally car driver. He has since dabbled in everything, finding success with IndyCar races, namely CART where he received winning positions in ten races. Despite a number of injuries and obstacles, Franchitti has been on fire since 2017 where he took the title at the Indy 500. He is so good at what he does he has received a number of other awards including BBC Scotland’s Sports Personality of the Year.

Sports Car Racing

Andy Wallace has been a household name in racing since 1988. He has competed with a number of different teams and has won titles literally all over the world. He set a record speed for the fastest production/standard vehicle which no one was able to beat for over 11 years. He raced from 1988 all the way to 2010 for teams that varied from Bentley to Toyota. Other notable awards he received included National Racing Driver of the Year as well as others.