Sports Car Racing

What is Sports Car Racing?

Sports car racing is generally characterized by the vehicles used – typically two seaters with enclosed tires. Prototype and GT cars are the two types of vehicles most commonly associated with the sport – Prototypes are designed purely for racing, while Grand Touring (GT) cars are popular, purebred vehicles. GT’s are the most common vehicle raced in the sport on an international level.

The sport has gained enormous recognition due to the popularity of makes such as Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar and Lamborghini. Sports car racing is popular across the globe, though it is within Europe and the US that it enjoys the largest following, at events such as: Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring.

How Does it Work?

racing-car-268395_960_720The races and their rules differ depending on who is competing and where the race is held. There are a handful of World Championships remaining, several Regional Championships (11 in the United States, 10 in Europe, 7 in Asia Pacific) and many domestic and national championships, held throughout Europe and Australia.

Sports car races are typically shorter than other Motorsports such as F1 and normally last no longer than 24 hours. This doesn’t impact the popularity or intensity however, with people traveling from all over the world to see Regional and World Championships. The cars alone are guaranteed to draw a crowd, with many keen to see unique and rare models.

Sports Car Racing in the UK

The UK holds one third of the Domestic championships recognized in this category around the world, with four exciting leagues to enjoy. Some, like the British GT Championship are specific to a certain type of car, whereas others, such as the Thundersports race feature any sports car, from GTs to Touring cars.

British divers dominate championships throughout Europe, as well as a number of International Championships around the world.