Rallying and Rally Races

What is Rallying

Rallying is another motorsport type which involves road safe and legal cars that have been modified or built specifically for the sport. The sport is held on the road, whether public or private. Instead of a circuit this type of race uses a point to point setup where the driver and team are expected to navigate between control points/ stages. This allows different racers and drivers to start at different points (i.e. varying starting points). Rally races are similar to your favorite card game or slot machine, they require skill, speed and agility. If you enjoy gambling whether it be for the skill required or the thrill involved, you are sure to love the sport of Rally racing. If you are looking for somewhere new to get your thrills, check out Betway casino.

How it Works

rally-2060734_960_720Generally, the way a driver wins a rally race can differ between locations and among different races with speed or completion being the two most common measurements of success/winning.

There are two common rally race types; road and stage rallies. Road rallies are held on public streets which remain open to the general public and traffic meaning that these races aren’t based only on pure speed but also on precision as drivers in the race must navigate amongst regular traffic. Stage rallies are more professional and involve speed and accuracy on roads closed to the public.

Rallying in the UK

As one of the grassroots forms of racing in the UK, Rallying has been around in the country since 1932. The evolution of the sport brought about the Wales Rally GB which is essentially the UK’s round or portion of the World Championship. 1995 and 2001 were good years for British Rally drivers who won the entire World Championship, a huge feat for the individuals, the country and the sport.