Motorcycle Racing

What is Motorcycle Racing?

Motorcycle racing is, evidently enough, a sport that involves racing motorbikes and motorcycles. The races are typically held in one of two settings; on a circuit or circuit track, but other settings include hills, off-road, etc.

How It Works

Capirossi_Hayden_Rossi_2005Road racing comes in all shapes and sizes, from grand prix to sidecar racing. There are different races for different bikes and skill levels. The races are structured like many car races with points and qualifying rounds.

Motocross is another popular form of the sport and parallels the structure of road racing but takes place off road. The courses include dirt, sand, mud, water, grass and so on. The tricky part of motocross are the changes in elevation, surface type and this race requires an elevated level of skill and experience. Motocross exists indoors in the form of Supercross and outdoors in the form of Supermoto.

Enduro motorcycling is lesser known but is mostly popular in Europe. As the name suggests, this type of race focuses on endurance and instead of different surfaces or elevation, has an emphasis on longer distances.

Track racing is exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of motorcycles racing on a circuit.

Motorcycle Racing in the UK

In addition to the above mentioned popular types of motorcycle racing, the UK has its own category as well. The UK sprinting category has been around since 1958. The race entails a drive on repurposed airstrips and are ½ mile in length. There are a few sea front promenades used as well. Sprinting is more of a race against time than it is a race against competitors.

This idea of sprint racing, as well as drag style racing, are becoming increasingly popular in England and evolving in their own unique ways. As audiences grow larger, so do the venues and the motivation to innovate the sport.