IndyCar Racing

What is Indy Car?

This type of racing is American in origin and INDYCAR is actually a company that got its name recently, in 2011. The company was founded/created by Hulman&Co. It is the governing body for Championship Racing which entails the premier INDYCAR series, Indianapolis 500, Indy Lights, the Pro Mazda Championship and the United States National Championship.

1972_Mark_Donohue_Indycar_Gurney_EagleINDYCAR is owned by Hulman & Company, which also owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway complex and the Clabber Girl brand.

How does it Work?

The races are similar to many other in structure, with points being awarded depended on how and where a driver finishes within the race and among his/her peers. Ten points seperates the the first from the second place driver and dive points separate the second place from third place driver. The remaining drivers are separated by one point. These points are awarded on top of five points given for starting the race. Fifty points are up for grabs for the first placed driver, 40 for second place, 35 for third and only those initial 5 if you finish 25th or worse. There are, however, opportunities for bonus points which include one point to he who earns and gets the pole each race, one point to any driver who leads at lease one lap in a given race as well as more points to the driver who leads the MOST laps.

The point system are what distinguish qualifiers from non-qualifiers and those who qualify continue on.

Indy Car in the UK

Though this is an extremely American based race and style, there have been a number of speedways and circuits in the UK that have hosted the USAC National Championship as well as several other Indy races (including CART).

In addition drivers such as Scott Dixon, among many other British names have won multiple Indy titles and successfully represented the sport on behalf of the British.