Formula One Racing

What Is Formula One Racing?

Formula One cars are the fastest racing cars in the world, largely due to their aerodynamic build and design. The cars can reach up to 375 km/h and rely on electronics for safety and control. These super vehicles partake in Grand Prix races and competitions on tracks across the globe. Races tend to span the course of three days, typically over a weekend, and include qualifying rounds as well as other, smaller events.

The sport dates back to the 1920’s when the first Grand Prix Motor Race was held in Europe. The name Formula One was coined after the second world war and refers to the set of ‘formulas’ or rules that cars must meet to qualify.

How it Works

Webber_usgp_2004 (1)The races take place over the course of three full days. The first day includes two free practice sessions, one in the morning and one later in the day. The second day is when the real competition begins. Qualifying sessions are held throughout the day to determine where each driver will start in the official race, held on the third day.

Within these races there are often other side events held for competitors and the audience to enjoy. The sport draws huge crowds around the world, with race tracks in almost every country.

Formula One Racing in the UK

The UK hosted the first World Championships at the famous Silverstone race track. Aside from South Africa, the UK was the only host of National Championships prior to the 1970’s. The sport has grown tremendously, though the UK remains to be regarded as the home of the sport. Audiences have vastly increased as TV and online streaming have made the sport far more accessible to fans worldwide.

As one of the main hubs for the sport, the UK has held some of the biggest, most exciting races of all time and has produced some of the most successful racers. In addition to this, the sport has successfully stimulated and helped the economy in many ways as well.