Circuits in the UK

There are a number of racing circuits throughout the UK and you can certainly expect more to appear as Motorsports maintain a loyal following and expand to reach new fans domestically and internationally. You can find at least 17 circuits in the UK that are in regular use today, located across the country. Each circuit is unique and hosts a number of different Motorsports throughout the year, though some are strictly limited to certain sports.

Brands Hatch

137696_3c01cba5This is a very diverse circuit, offering two different layouts to enable the track to host Indy style races as well as full Grand Prix races. Events held here include Rally tournaments, F1 races and Indy leagues. This is one of the UK’s most well known circuits, and is renowned around the world.

The former military training site became a circuit once the ministry of defense no longer required the space. Motorcyclists saw the abandoned site as a great place to ride and it wasn’t long before it caught the eyes of more people. In 1926, the site caught the attention of several local motorcycle clubs, who banded together to host the circuit’s first official event in 1932.

Castle Combe Circuit

The name of this circuit is related to the estate upon which it was situated when it first opened in 1941. It has since become public and held its first event in 1952. The circuit has since held a number of different races with a particular focus on Sports and GT racing. Historically, the circuit had issues with noise complaints and suffered several other barriers to its success, though it has remained one of the UK’s most popular circuits.

Rockingham Motor Speedway

Uniquely situated in Northamptonshire, this circuit actually has two local governing authorities. It is easily accessible from several British hubs and is a newer, more modern circuit.

The circuit has several different layouts, making it an ideal place to host everything from CART championships and driver training, to exhibitions for Motorsport enthusiasts.