Welcome to Basingstoke RC, your online guide to Motorsports and Motor racing in the UK.

Racing and Motorsports are extremely popular throughout the United Kingdom – governed and regulated by the Motor Sports Association. The United Kingdom is one of the world leaders in the sport and home to some of the major players. The nation hosts some of the biggest and most exciting events, including the Formula One World Championships and the Moto-Grand Prix.

Here you can find a wealth of information regarding numerous Motorsports and races from around the world – with a particular emphasis on those based in the UK. Read on to discover more about the following exciting sports.

1) Formula One; The UK are arguably pioneers in the world of F1, having led the world in this sport since it began all the way back in 1950. The UK holds 16 titles in this sport, more than any other nation worldwide.

2) IndyCar; The UK produces some of the top IndyCar drivers in the world.

3) MotoCross/Motorcycle Racing; The UK hosts the MotoGP and Superbike World Championships. Beyond simply hosting the World’s elite, they’ve bred champions of the sport since 1949.

4) Rally; This is one of the most popular Motorsports in the country, dating back to 1932.

5) Touring; The category in which the nations most beloved racing series falls.

6) Sports cars; This category is no exception to Britain’s successes.

7) Club Racing; This category is increasing in popularity due to the ability for amateurs and experts alike to enter and compete.